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3rd of February 2007 DTDDoc 1.1.0 is out. Now the DTD source is highlighted, thanks to JHighlight.

24th of October 2006 Yes ! We did it ! DTDDoc 1.0.0 is out ! It's been a few years since the inception of this project and well, who thought it would last that long ? Ain't me. So big congratulations to all contributors and esp. Hervé who did a helluva work on this one (merci Monsieur !). Make sure you double check the changelog if something seems broken for you.

The big improvement is that there's now a Maven 2 plugin for our beloved DTDDoc. You should just have a look at net.sf.dtddoc:dtddoc-maven-plugin to see what it's all about.

30th of July 2006 Improved DTDDoc's visual output : see the example.

27th of July 2006 DTDDoc is now in Maven's public repository as net.sf.dtddoc:DTDDoc

24th of July 2006

4th of June 2004 Almost a year after the last version, I finally had some comments from you, dear users. Therefore I implemented them. Nothing really astonishing, but it's always good to see that someone uses DTDDoc out there ! Check the changelog for version 0.0.10 (please do beacuse some change may break your existing CSS). If you need help on this one, be patient because I'll be in front of the Internet only one day a week...

We've also more than 500 downloads (in 2 years :), which is very good for a tool that is related to what the tech people hate most : documenting (shame on them).

17th of July 2003 Afters some more work and very nice holidays, version 0.0.8 is out. Many small improvements and bugfixes (see change log). Biggest new features are :

4th of July 2003 I've been contacted by Prentice Hall because they want to include DTDDoc on the CD accompanying one of their future publication (XML Handbook). As I expect them to release the whole zip file I provide on the website, I want to remind you that some of you have their name or some code appearing clearly inside. Since you all agreed to be published on the website (under the MIT license), I think you won't see any problem to being published on a CD. Should you be reluctant to that, please tell me, I'll remove your name.

I have already started to incorporate all the RFE, bug-fixes, etc. that were submitted on SourceForge by some of you. Release 0.0.8 will include almost all of them (one is a bit tough so I'll do it later).

And... Last but not least, I'll be on holidays from today to next tuesday (in Homer's homeland :))

2nd of July 2003 Just noted that there are plenty of requests pending. I promise I'll look at that for the next release !

1st of July 2003 Version 0.0.7 (James Bond release) is out. The menu shows :

DTDDoc is now rather stable. As an exercise I have ran it over the simplified DocBook DTD and the result was somehow good. I say "somehow" because it appeared to me that there seem to have different styles of DTD code. The one used in the SDocBook embodies a lot of the semantic of the DTD. Runnning DTDDoc over it destroys some part of this semantic (simply because the DTDDoc is "just" another style of writing). So in the future, it should be possible to tell DTDDoc to use different styles of presentation. One should note that this behaviour is already suggested by the presence of the @hidden tag.

27th of April 2003 Version 0.0.6 is out. Big improvements here are :

6th of April 2003 Version 0.0.6 is closing in. I plan to add i18n support and make DTDDoc an Ant module (so I don't have to code file filters anymore :)). Be patient !

Right now, the CVS repository is undergoing a lot of changes so don't rely too much on it please !

In the meantime... Bagdad is more and more the target of America's "diplomacy". Petrol is now a scarce ressource and water is becoming the next one. So, are we gonna fight to steal every single bit of them to other countries ? Humankind sucks right now and I'm pretty surprised that the billions of people living in a poverty I can't even imagine still don't have killed me for my little resource : money.

17th of February 2003 Version 0.0.5 ! Added links from children to their parent. I also wrote a lot of javadoc all over the place. It'll make your life easier if you dare to enter the insance piece of code.

This was a consequence of being upset by this article. Looks like I didn't convince the guy, so here's another version :) Ahhhhh that's what I call motivation !

Did you know that this DTDDoc was d/l 167 times till today. I consider this as a major failure :( Don't you guys comment your code ??? Or maybe I completely miss the point somewhere... Suggestion and pragamtic analysis of the failure are encouraged. Given that up to know a very few of you actually wrote me, I think I'll stay ignorant for some more time :) :) :)

12th of February 2003 Cool we released version 0.0.4 ! Go grab it ! By the way, I was wondering if this DTDDoc is really useful. Indeed, this nice tool (I find it very useful in my job) is suited for DTD when everyone seem to look forward to XML Schema. So, according to you, is it worth to write a new tool in the lines of this one but for XML Schema ? I don't know for sure because I don't use Schema often enough to get a good idea of what is useful/useless when one works with them.

7th of February 2003 Waho! I finally managed to get some spare time to add in new features ! (see changelog). The overall project is now much more stable and usable. I think we're close to being able to say that it is now production quality !!! I hope to get some more spare time to finish the rough edges (especially making the configuration easier).

Important ! I have decided to remove the support for DTD includes. So now, you don't have information about where a DTD element is declared. I will re-enable it sooner or later but right now, I prefer to focus on greater added value functionalities.

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