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Installation for the DTDDoc Ant task

Getting the program

You'll get the latest version at SourceForge.

You'll also the Java dev kit and Ant (I tend to use the latest versions). All other necessary packages are included in the archive for your convenience.


Just unpack the zip and you're done :) Please read the documentation to see how to interface DTDDoc with Ant. Just do "ant -f buildant.xml" to build the example. If everything runs fine, you should be able to look at it at : example_doc/index.html

If you ever want to recompile the whole project from scratch, just "ant" in the directory and everything should be fine. The build.xml file also provide several facilities, feel free to browse it. I also included the necessary jars so you don't have to browse the web to get everything.

Installation for the Maven2 plugin

The DTDDoc Maven2 plugin is available in the Maven central repository.

You just need to call the plugin from your pom : see the plugin documentation.

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