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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

<!-- banners are in reality just a special kind of figure.

    One can use the &lt;pre> like this :
This is some
text here ( % ).
    @root Banner -->

<!ELEMENT Banner (version, country+, language, author, itemname, site+, topic*, source, usertype+, publishdate, harvestdate, title, abstract, shortdesc, figure+)>

<!-- A short description of the figure
     @example mom and dad on the boat
     @fixme should be split into parts -->

<!ELEMENT shortdesc (#PCDATA)>

<!-- Banners may be used as clickable links. The link is provided by the
     url tag. -->


<!-- Id of the banner.
     @example coolId -->


<!-- The following to make common_figure usable -->
<!ELEMENT content (#PCDATA)>

<!ENTITY % common_cms SYSTEM "common/common_cms.dtd">

<!ENTITY % common_figure SYSTEM "common/common_figure.dtd">